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Usui/5 Element Dragon Fire Reiki Level 1,2,3


Deepen your knowledge and learn how to heal others with Reiki. There 5 elements in Eastern Medicine: Fire (Summer), Earth (Late Summer), Metal/Gold (Fall), Water (Winter) & Wood/Air (Spring). There are also elemental Dragons that correspond to each of the 5 elements: Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, Gold Dragon, Water Dragon and Air Dragon. There are a few key differences between 5 Element Dragon Fire Reiki and other types of Reiki. The Practitioner connects to Dragon energy rather than an ambiguous divine source. Dragon Fire energy is brought into the meridian system with intention and a basic understanding of what each meridian does, where it's located and what emotions correspond to that meridian. Dragon Fire is a specific high vibrational energy that is more refined, so it's best utilized by someone who's already familiar with energy work. That's why the first 3 levels (levels 1-3) of 5 Element Dragon Fire Reiki ("DFR") are taught in tandem with traditional Usui Reiki. It helps to create a smooth transition as the Practitioner's energetic body and channels prepare to receive the installation of Dragon Fire in Level 4 and above. Traditional Reiki does not cover the 5 elements whereas DFR works with the 5 ELEMENTS specifically: Fire, Earth, Metal/Gold, Water & Wood/Air. Levels 1-3

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