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Masterclasses + Courses

From Dragons, to Reiki, to Loving Yourself

01. How To Meet Your Dragon

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Are you ready to meet your dragon? 

Join me, Carrie Briggs, for a profound encounter with various dragon types and learn how to harmonize with them, including elemental dragons.


 In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to invoke their presence, determine their purpose, and harness their power.


Experience 5-Element Dragon Fire Reiki Meridian Healing and an inspiring Oracle Dragon Card Reading. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your full potential with the help of these powerful creatures.


 Experience meeting your Dragon 

 Explore different types of dragons, including specific Elemental Dragons 

 Learn how to call them in and why 

 Experience 5 Element Dragon Fire Reiki Meridian Healing 

 Get insights with an Oracle Dragon Card Pull

02. Calling in Money with the 
Gold Dragon

Join our one-hour masterclass, "Calling in Money - Working with the Gold Dragon," and unlock the secrets to abundance and prosperity! 


 Working with dragons has profoundly enriched my life, especially the magnificent Gold Dragon. 


I will be your guide in this exclusive class, where we'll dive deep into the art of harnessing the Gold Dragon's energy to attract greater wealth and abundance into your life. In this class, we will delve into techniques for clearing the obstacles that hinder the flow of money and discover the root causes of financial stagnation. 


You'll gain the insights and tools needed to transform your relationship with money, opening the door to a more prosperous and abundant future. 

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03. Playing with Dragons

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This is a recorded class where we summon the Rose Dragon to guide us in opening our hearts and cultivating a sense of softness, all while exploring the significance of embracing playfulness.


 Highlights of the masterclass include: 


 1. Heart Opening Activation and Clearing: Experience a powerful activation designed to open your heart and release any blockages, allowing for a deeper connection with the energy of the Rose Dragon. 


 2. Opening and Softening Journey: Immerse yourself in a guided experience aimed at fostering a profound sense of openness and softness within. Discover the joy of surrendering to the playful energy that the holiday season can bring. 


 3. Exploration of Heart Opening Techniques: Receive detailed explanations on practical techniques for opening your heart and maintaining a sense of being, even in the presence of those who may challenge your inclination to close off.

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6-Week Courses

Self paced courses

01. PLAY

It is time to play in a space of openness and healing.
PLAY stories (Facebook Cover).png

PLAY is a six week Mastermind for overwhelmed women, who want to have fun again in their lives and/or businesses, and re-learn how to bring joy into even the most mundane tasks. It is time to Play in a space of openness and Healing.


You are doing EVERYTHING, You are the Caregiver, the Business Owner, the Boss, the Wife, the Friend, the Cook, the Cleaner…. You are Everything and it's a lot.


You have been doing it all for so long, that that business you created, that lit your soul on fire, is draining you… it's just not as fun anymore. Your work drains you. Your kids drain you. Your house drains you. Your spouse drains you. Nothing is fun anymore and you're exhausted. You're exhausted, and the last thing you want to do is PLAY… But here is the thing, your healing is IN the PLAY.


We didn't come here to just survive and do all the things just to feel blah. We came here to PLAY.


You created that business so you would have more time PLAYING. You created this life so that you could ENJOY the things in your life.


Don't get me wrong, we still have dishes, and laundry (the freaking laundry…) but what if you could learn to find the joy in all the mundane things…. So much so that you learned to have fun in your business again?!


It's time to learn to PLAY again in every area of your life! 

During the six weeks we will talk about how Play is the secret to getting everything you want in this life! 

This is a hybrid 6 week course. That means that there will be a combination of pre-recorded lessons, and live lessons. Every section will consist of two weeks. Each week there will be a pre-recorded classes and a coaching call. Every week you will receive a guided meditation pertaining to the topic we are on, as well as daily journal prompts to help you on this journey. At the beginning of this course there will be a cord cutting to help release everything holding you back. At the end of the course there will be a deep activation to affirm and seal in all of your hard work.

This 6-week course is $997.

payment plans available

6-Week Courses

01. How To Meet Your Dragon

During the six weeks we will talk about how Play is the secret to getting everything you want in this life! 

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