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I am giving you two of my most requested and transformative meditations. 

Worthiness Meditation

In my Worthiness Meditation, find a serene space to reconnect with your inner self. As you breathe, let it become automatic, soothing your mind. Remember, you are incredibly worthy. Declare your right to love, success, and joy through affirmations. Claim everything you desire because you are worthy. This meditation will leave you feeling deeply loved, strong, and ready to care for your dreams.

Desires Meditation

In our Desires Meditation, discover self-discovery and manifestation. Find a comfortable spot, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Honor your desires without apology. Delve into memories, emotions, and feelings, and embrace any resistance. Create mental images of your desired world and feel the excitement, joy, and happiness. This meditation will connect you deeply with your desires and guide you toward their realization. Journal your findings afterward to manifest your unique dreams.

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