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Work with mE

Work with mE

1:1 Coaching + Reiki

1:1 Coaching Program

Hey there, 

Ever felt like there's a fire burning deep within you, just waiting to be unleashed? That's where I come in. Picture me as the embodiment of divine goddess energy, here to embrace you in my fierce yet nurturing presence.


I see you, dear soul, and I hold you in my loving embrace as we embark on this journey of transformation and liberation together.


Imagine us standing side by side, ready to cut through the illusions and limitations that hold you back. Whether we're channeling Reiki through the sacred dragons or delving into the depths of your spiritual essence, I'm here to guide you, my fellow warrior.


In my presence, there's no room for fear or hesitation, only the raw power of creation and destruction working in harmony to awaken your true divine essence.


My 1:1 Clients have experienced incredible transformations, finding deep healing and empowerment under my guidance. And you, my friend, are on the brink of experiencing the same.


If this is calling to you, if you're ready to be deeply seen and held, then my 1:1 bespoke healing container is for you. Whether you choose 3 or 6 months of deep 1:1 support, tailored to your needs, we'll find what works best for you. Whether it's through Voxer (pocket voice coaching), weekly Zoom calls, Reiki, or a combination of all three, together we'll discover what will help you the most on your journey.


So, if you're ready to embrace the fire within and step boldly into your power, I'm here, ready to walk this path with you. Let's dance together in the sacred fire of transformation and unveil the boundless potential that lies within you.


What's Included

Personalized coaching plan

Two 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions per month

Two 60-minute Reiki sessions

Voxer support

Access to all previous and current Masterclasses

1:1 Coaching is the absolute best way to work with me. You're going to get a unique, one-of-a-kind coaching program that is specifically designed just for you! We're going to dive deep and find out where you need the most healing. We'll figure out what you need to start living your best and most authentic life and create an action plan to get there. And all the while I'll be there to fully support you through the process.

Not interested in a personalized coaching program? I got you...

I offer one-off 5 Element Dragon Fire Reiki and Intuitive sessions! These powerful sessions will open you up to the power you hold within, heal you deeply and provide that oh-so-delicious clarity you seek.

1:1 Reiki Sessions

Reiki Sessions

what my clients have to say...

I used to think things like self care, mindset work, energy work and anything else that focused on me was a luxury - the things I fit in when I didn't have anything else to be doing... Which let's be honest was basically never as a business owner, mom and wife!

What Carrie has shown me is that to truly show up in every aspect of my life, those things aren't a luxury - they are a necessity. 

As I've scaled my business to six figures, I've realized that the only way to maintain the success I am finding is to consistently address the mindset and energy junk that comes up. Could I do it alone? Maybe. But working with Carrie makes it easy because she provides me with the consistent support I need to be the best version of myself.

Greta Iannuccilli, Bringing Simplicity

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