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Carrie Briggs, Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master.  Carrie is a respected Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master with nearly a decade of experience. Combining wisdom and compassion, she empowers individuals to embark on transformative journeys of self-discovery and inner healing. Through Reiki and personalized guidance, she helps clients overcome blockages and align with their highest selves. Carrie's teachings embrace individual paths, fostering spiritual awakening and profound healing. She also tells it how it is, so be prepared.

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My Story


My Name is Carrie Briggs, and I am a Spiritual Mindset, and Self love coach for Women Entrepreneurs. I am a lover of the Universe and everything I know it had to offer me and YOU. 


I began my journey about 9 years ago, after waking up one day and realizing that I had completely lost myself while becoming a mother. I was living a shell of a life, and I was hiding from everyone, including myself. I hated myself, I hated the person I had become, and I was miserable. Instead of staying stuck, I reclaimed my confidence and started my journey on self love. Throughout my personal journey, I helped many women reclaim their power as well.  


As I worked with more women, I developed a method that I have seen work over and over for myself and those I was working with. Together we RELEASE your negative mindset {it's more than negative mindset, right? It's limiting beliefs too? and labels/stories given to you?}, so you can RECLAIM your inner power and self worth, and RECEIVE all of the love, light and abundance the universe has to offer.

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